Choosing the right turbo part2

Turbocharger systems are a complex combination of many different parts. From the turbo itself and intercooler to the fuel management system and the quality of the engine’s internal components, a vehicle must have many different things just in the right order to run properly.

Here are some things to consider:

? Think in horsepower not boost.

? Boost is just a number that you will have to run on your engine to make a certain horsepower.

? How much power do you want to make? Be realistic, the more accurate that you are, the better tuned your forced induction system will be.

? Can your vehicle (not just the engine, but the entire setup) handle such power?

? Remember the turbocharger is generally not the weakest link.

? Forged pistons, connecting rods, head studs, etc.

? As much as possible” is not a goal.

Intended usage:

? What are you using the vehicle for?

? Race or street use?

? The way that you will be using the vehicle dramatically changes the sizing of the turbocharger and intercooler needs.

? Your choice of transmission type and gearing will greatly affect the performance and characteristics of the turbocharger, keep this in mind.


? Will the turbocharger(s) fit in your vehicles space constraints? Consider using differently sized compressor housings to more easily fit a given location.


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