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Turbo Exchange Program

Our in-house remanufactured turbocharger exchange program offers you the least amount down-time possible. Having ready-made remanufactured turbochargers in our warehouse allows you to benefit from a cost point of view whilst keeping the quality to the highest industry standards.
Step one: Remove your turbocharger
Step two: Arrange to have your turbocharger collected, or drop it off at our PE branch
Step three: Quote acceptance and payment
Step four: The turbo is dispatched / collected
Step five: Fitment of turbo within our terms and conditions
We are increasing our stock availability by the day, so contact us to find out if this service is available for your turbocharger.

A Smart Workshop To Repair Your Car’s Turbo When Necessary.

We pride ourselves in using the latest technology when building, diagnosing and refurbishing turbochargers.

Our mechanic’s are fully qualified and have completed their master courses in ECU re-calibration.

Our technicians are “Condition Monitoring M-130799-01” certified which makes us the most certified turbo shop in the Eastern Cape with regards to vibration and aftermarket upgrades.

Upgrade your Turbo Charger

Do you need more power? Has your turbo failed or do you just want to prevent a known issue from happening? Then speak to us about upgrading your turbocharger!

Not only do we remanufacture, rebuild and recondition your turbocharger but we have also selected a few key turbochargers which are specially engineered to be upgraded. We use the latest CNC and engineering technology to enhance and improve our turbos over and above the original OEM specifications.

Key factors concerning our billet upgrades:

Billet Aircraft grade machine aluminium
Melett specially crafted internal components
VSR (balanced) CHRA
Flow bench tested and calibrated
Ask us if your turbocharger has a specially designed upgrade option.

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